Special Offer

Exceptional Achievement

Bright Future will be able to conduct and provide trainings for the most vulnerable: this how we will aim to achieve SDG 5 and 4: gender equality and quality education.
We are focusing to provide scholarship for 50 female participants from all over Afghanistan. Students will be selected upon meeting the requirements.



Applicants may be canceled if they do not meet the following criteria:

  1. Ages between (18-30).

  2. Education background (Note that all applicants are required to verify high school completion. Supporting documentation may include diploma, transcript, or confirmation letter(s) from a high school, provincial Education Department, university, or relevant private institutions.

  3. Two Essays (In the first essay, you are required to describe your achievements and long-term goals. In the second essay, you are required to explain how this course will help you in achieving your goals. Each essay should not exceed a maximum of 500 words).

  4. Preferred if they have Work Experience.

  5. Individuals must have an Internet connection, phone/laptop from which they can come online.

  6. Please share the documents at afg.brightfuture.com before September 30, 2020.

Virtual Team Meeting