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To proceed with your enrollment for the public speaking course with an emphasis on leadership, confirm that you meet formal entry requirements:

1. Ages between 18-30 years.

2. Full secondary education and/or hold a Diploma or equivalent.

3. Knowledge of the English language.

4. Resume and cover letter.

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Admissions Process

Selection will be after applicants completed and submitted the necessary documents to

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Costs and Subsidies

You can enjoy learning new techniques and skills by joining our online course that provides a certificate upon completion of the course. 
You can enjoy the special offer by joining the course with a 50% discount for $29.


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Perfect For Beginners To Master Public Speaking Skills
Eliminate Fear and Doubt
2 Sessions of Personal Couching

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Perfect To Master Public Speaking Skills and Perform Without Hesitation in Front of The Audience
5 Sessions of Personal Couching
Personal Assistance Writing A Speech

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